So People and Nature Prosper

The Nelson-Marlborough branch of the IoD put on a lunch seminar last week featuring Sustainable Business Network founder and CEO Rachel Brown. Like Rachel, I believe business has a responsibility and a key role to play in addressing the world's environmental and sustainability issues. I also believe business success and environmental sustainability are not totally … Continue reading So People and Nature Prosper

Wagging for the Planet

Should wagging (skipping school) to protest for more action to address climate change be punished with a detention?  Would facing a punishment like detention make the protest more meaningful? Interesting questions, but irrelevant in my view. Absolutely good on every student who participated in a protest for more action on climate change today.  The first … Continue reading Wagging for the Planet

A Climate Change Message for Us Adults

Lennox Crowe is an impressive young man. A Marlborough local, he used his summer holiday to conceive, script, film and edit a video sending a message to us adults: we're not moving fast enough to address climate change. Through the voices of his friends and siblings, he's sending the message on behalf of the generation … Continue reading A Climate Change Message for Us Adults