More on Boss Lesson #1


My first job after graduating was as a lawyer. The firm I worked for was technologically ahead of its time. The partner I worked for had created the software and implemented the in-house time-recording system, and we were dabbling with computer dictation (this was in the early 90s). He gave me his Wired magazines when he’d finished with them and opened my eyes to the opportunities and changes technology was bringing.

We had no typing pool and we were all responsible for our own word processing, so my first 2 weeks as a lawyer was spent learning to touch type. This was a great skill, but even more valuable was learning how to format documents in Word using Styles.

This sounds dull, but it has been a huge time-saver for the thousands of letters, opinions, reports, submissions, and board papers I’ve authored. Learn to use Styles – it will make your work look better and save you hours. More broadly, take the time to learn new skills and how to use new technologies.

The rest of my 10 Boss Lessons are here.

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