Riches by Another Measure

I was intrigued to find an alternative rich list published by Škoda.

While it’s clearly a nice piece of brand marketing, the profiles – rich-listers in terms of family, health and community – were a good read, and the concept of how we measure riches and success was interesting to think about.

The profile of Jane McAllister, who is a mother of 14 and founder of NZ baby clothing brand Dimples, highlights that being rich in non-monetary terms isn’t mutually exclusive with being commercial. And while health and not money may be the driver for Simon van Velthooven he’s clearly very driven, and a huge success.

To me it’s a question of motivation and values. Would you rather be known for? Amassing a vast fortune? Or doing good, loving and being loved, and helping make our planet a better place?

By the way, Škoda was the most awarded car brand in New Zealand in 2017 and its Kodiaq was 2017 New Zealand Car Of The Year.  Škoda seems to has come a long way since Ken Cumulus drove one!

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