Sustainability Opportunities Prompted By My Cocktail

Aside from a wet Christmas Day and some high winds, we’ve enjoyed a cracking summer in Marlborough so far. For me that’s meant time around the pool with friends and family.

img_8167Even though it was taken a while ago, this picture captures the flavour of recent days: enjoying the heat, kids in the pool, and a cool drink. But I’m not trying to skite about my blissful resort-holiday-at-home, I just thought it was a useful picture to prompt a couple of sustainability related business challenges and opportunities

The straw is one of a set we bought a few months ago from Caliwoods. One of my children had braces installed and his dentist recommended using a straw for sweet drinks. Instead of buying a pack of single use(less) plastic straws, we thought a reusable option was the way to go. They’re much nicer to use too, and I reckon they’re a great accessory for your poolside cocktail. Ever had a straw float up out of your drink in the wind and fall out of your glass? Trust me. Ain’t happening with these!

The glass is enjoying its second life – it was previously a Pic’s Peanut Butter jar. Pic’s issued a set of these glasses a while back and I loved them. They reminded me of my childhood, and they look great. (Pic’s, please do these again!).

So, my two challenges for you:

  1. What are the opportunities to develop and market new, sustainable products for consumers who care about the environment, or consumers who appreciate beautiful things? Things that endure. That look good. That are better for the planet. That feel good to use.
  2. What are the opportunities for you to build a ‘second life’ into your product or packaging? At the very least, try to design your products to last, and make your products and packaging recyclable.

By the way, Pic’s is an inspirational business in the Top of the South. They’re over the hill in Nelson, but still close enough for me to call local. And their peanut butter tastes great!

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