Staying Positive

Thinking about sustainability and making changes for a better world should be a positive thing. However I’ve had a few people recently say to me that they’ve had to take a break from their deep thinking about climate change and the environment for the sake of their own mental health.

I understand what they mean. The issues facing us are huge. The changes needed are massive and making them happen is tough, complex, and those change-efforts come up against enormous pressures and barricades from entrenched interests.

And that’s all without even starting to think about the implications of failure – what happens if we fail to change enough, or fast enough.

It’s a dark vortex to stay away from.

To keep focused on the positive I try to remind myself that individual action makes a difference. Every little thing matters. Focus on what you can control and influence, and accept that other stuff might be beyond your control, but others are working on stuff too.

Most importantly, know that there is a strong and growing community of people who think, and care like you do. It’s not all on your shoulders. We’re with you, and we need you. We’re in this together.

One thought on “Staying Positive

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