The Koru Leading the Way

While the koru might sit at the back of our national carrier’s planes, it’s great to see the koru leading the way in Sustainability.

Air New Zealand won the Sustainable Business Leadership award at the Deloitte Top 200 Awards, which considered criteria including governance, leadership, accountability, long-term perspective and purpose, and initiatives that support sustainable development.

Check out Air New Zealand’s 2019 Sustainability Report – a great example of transparent and easily readable report covering sustainability right across their business. It’s well worth a read. I especially like how even the ‘negative’ results are reported upon, for example between 2018 and 2019 there was a decline in fuel efficiency of 1.1%, offsetting the 1.1% improvement the previous year. The report doesn’t try to hide this, but does explain the reason. (Less efficient aircraft used replacing aircraft out-of-service due to Rolls-Royce engines issues).

Well done Air NZ – keep up the great work. And well done too to the Air NZ customers who purchased an additional 41% of carbon offsets.

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