Being Good Ancestors

By living beyond the planet’s means, consuming non-renewable resources, we are effectively borrowing from the future. Without any way of paying that loan back, and maybe without any intention of doing so, it’s hard not to look at that as theft.

We’re stealing from future generations.

On top of that, our consumption of fossil fuels is having significant impacts on the planet with serious consequences for future quality of life. More stealing from future generations.

We are not being very good ancestors.

Which is why the name of the strategy being developed for Te Tauihu (the top of the South Island) is so fitting. Led by Wakatū on behalf of the three Councils in Te Tauihu (Tasman, Nelson, Marlborough), a draft Intergenerational Strategy has been published for feedback with the tagline ‘Tupuna Pono – Being Good Ancestors’.

Instead of a typical corporate strategic planning cycle often looking out only single-digit years ahead, what would our strategies and decisions look like if we were focussed (or even considered!) what type of world we want to leave future generations? I hope it’s an approach more companies consider adopting.

Feedback on the strategy closed at the end of February and it will be fascinating to see it in its final form. Even more important will be how it’s picked up and applied by Councils, communities, companies and individuals in the region.

The draft strategy can be downloaded here.

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