Clean Jeans

If I had to pick one company to illustrate my Agenda, Saitex would be a great choice. Billed as the world's cleanest denim factory, their innovation and values drive towards being gentle on the planet by considering their impacts on the environment, people, and communities. Better business for a better world. New Zealand menswear retailer … Continue reading Clean Jeans


When I saw a colourful display promoting #giveupthebottle I wasn't sure if it was a product for weaning toddlers or the tea-totalling equivalent of a quit-smoking product. Neither was of interest for me. On closer inspection, the eye-catching packaging contains hair and skin care products and the like - all in bar form and with … Continue reading #giveupthebottle

Thunderpants are Wonder Pants

Thunderpants may have started out with a couple of design students looking to develop "the ultimate comfy undie that wouldn't go up your bum" but it's grown to produce nearly 50,000 garments a year, ranging from kids' clothes, swimwear, yoga-wear and of┬ácourse gruds. Looking at their website, aside from the colourful designs, and the apparent … Continue reading Thunderpants are Wonder Pants