ethiqueWhen I saw a colourful display promoting #giveupthebottle I wasn’t sure if it was a product for weaning toddlers or the tea-totalling equivalent of a quit-smoking product.

Neither was of interest for me.

On closer inspection, the eye-catching packaging contains hair and skin care products and the like – all in bar form and with not a plastic bottle in sight.

The full range of Ethique products can be found online, or there is a handy page to find your local stockists.

The pricing looked very premium, but the website explains that the products are in concentrated bar form and last considerably longer than the plastic alternatives – you add the water, instead of the manufacturer.  Makes sense to me.

The product range and different ‘flavours’ reads like an ice-cream menu, which is a much nicer experience than reading the list of chemicals on the back of a plastic bottle of shampoo.  And to think it all started in a kiwi kitchen.

I’m going to give them a try!

By the way, those who know my-bald-self would laugh imagining me buying shampoo and conditioner for myself but I have a house full of unsuspecting victims to experiment on, and I’m pretty sure I spotted a shaving bar on the website too.

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