Clean Jeans

If I had to pick one company to illustrate my Agenda, Saitex would be a great choice. Billed as the world's cleanest denim factory, their innovation and values drive towards being gentle on the planet by considering their impacts on the environment, people, and communities. Better business for a better world. New Zealand menswear retailer … Continue reading Clean Jeans

So People and Nature Prosper

The Nelson-Marlborough branch of the IoD put on a lunch seminar last week featuring Sustainable Business Network founder and CEO Rachel Brown. Like Rachel, I believe business has a responsibility and a key role to play in addressing the world's environmental and sustainability issues. I also believe business success and environmental sustainability are not totally … Continue reading So People and Nature Prosper

Measure to Manage

Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying 'you can't manage what you don't manage'. And I guess I've just quoted him saying that one more time. Whether it’s tracking your email-newsletter opening rates, the time it takes to complete a 5km run, or your revenue and profitability, we must measure relevant metrics to track performance … Continue reading Measure to Manage