Duffle-loads of Goodness

As mentioned in a previous post, some proponents of regenerative farming describe it as a step beyond sustainability - improvement rather than just preservation. In keeping with that same spirit, Duffle & Co is certified as Climate Positive. Not only do they offset their own emissions, they make a further 20% contribution to sequestering carbon … Continue reading Duffle-loads of Goodness

A Climate Change Message for Us Adults

Lennox Crowe is an impressive young man. A Marlborough local, he used his summer holiday to conceive, script, film and edit a video sending a message to us adults: we're not moving fast enough to address climate change. Through the voices of his friends and siblings, he's sending the message on behalf of the generation … Continue reading A Climate Change Message for Us Adults

Intentionally Sustainable

Whether you're looking for a new toothbrush, some of those cool reusable straws, food covers, a razor, or food wraps, check out Intentionally Sustainable. They have a great range of products to replace single-useless plastics and other plastic products. The pricing seems reasonable and the products look great - I'm going to try out the … Continue reading Intentionally Sustainable

2 Business Challenges Inspired By My Cheese Scone

While the saying suggests a picture is worth a thousand words, for this picture I want to focus on just two.  Neither of them is cheese. Neither of them is scone. A colleague suggested we grab a quick breakfast at Brickhouse after a rushed early morning.  The cheese scone was delicious, but the butter cube, … Continue reading 2 Business Challenges Inspired By My Cheese Scone