Duffle-loads of Goodness

As mentioned in a previous post, some proponents of regenerative farming describe it as a step beyond sustainability – improvement rather than just preservation.

In keeping with that same spirit, Duffle & Co is certified as Climate Positive. Not only do they offset their own emissions, they make a further 20% contribution to sequestering carbon in indigenous forests.

It’s like not just picking up all of your own litter, but doing a beach clean-up to collect others’ trash too (or at least paying someone to).

ekos provides carbon footprinting services, and also operates a range of carbon certification programmes for businesses and individuals.

Companies wanting to do something for Climate Change can achieve Carbon Friendly certification by purchasing offsets. It’s a good start and companies deserve recognition for doing something, but without measuring their emissions footprint, perhaps it risks being misused by companies playing the tokenism game, and virtue signalling. Or am I being overly cynical?

ekos’s Zero Carbon certification is for companies who have measured their footprint, and want to balance those emissions with carbon offsets. This is where we’re getting serious, and this is where the New Zealand government has signalled we need to head: net zero emissions (excluding biogenic methane) by 2050. These companies are doing their bit.

Climate Positive certification is awarded to companies like Duffle & Co who not only offset their measured emissions footprint, but purchase offsets to at least 120% of those emissions. These companies are doing more than their bit, and are playing an important role in helping NZ achieve the 2050 net zero target.

Duffle & Co are a certified B-Corporation – one of only 30 in New Zealand at the moment. Check out their website and their approach to transparent, ethical and sustainable business. In their own words they want their business to instigate positive social and environmental change. “Making beautiful bags just happens to be how we do it!”.

Order one of their gorgeous pieces, for delivery once Covid-19 measures allow – one of the many companies that deserves our support.

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