10 Hotel Room Facepalms

There’s probably only 2 reasons to read this: (1) if you’re a hotel operator, or (2) if you want to contribute to my list of hotel room annoyances.

I travel a lot with work and have stayed in hundreds of hotel rooms over the last 25 years, and these are 10 things that make me smh (as my kids say). Here goes:

  1. Clothes hangers which are attached to the rail. You think I want to steal your crumby clothes hangers? You’re basically telling me your hotel caters to the type of low-lifes who steal clothes hangers.
  2. Ironing boards that are too small, too low to the ground, or so flimsy they collapse under the weight of a shirt. It’s almost like you want to encourage me to use your over-priced laundry services.
  3. Taps so low, or sinks so shallow that it’s impossible to fill the kettle, or put water in the iron.
  4. Irons with surfaces that look like they’ve been used to melt marshmallows.  I’ve learned to check irons before using them, but not before ruining a couple of good shirts.
  5. WiFi fees. C’mon. WiFi is not an ‘extra’ these days. It’s part of life. If you’re charging for WiFi it makes me wonder whether you’re changing the sheets between guests.
  6. Wake-up calls with Mickey Mouse on the other end of the phone. Admittedly this only happened to me once when I was booked into a Disneyland Hotel while attending a trade show at Anaheim. Imagine being half asleep with Mickey screeching “Wakey wakey. Rise and shine” down the phone at you. It wore a bit thin 3 mornings in a row. Thank goodness for smartphone alarms.
  7. One thing worse than a Mickey Mouse wake-up call is a scheduled wake-up call that doesn’t happen on time, or doesn’t happen at all. I’ve come close to missing an international flight more than once. Thank goodness for smartphone alarms.
  8. Absence of toilet brush. Call me sensitive. I don’t like the idea of leaving toilet bowl graffiti for the housekeeper to deal with, let alone someone I’m sharing my room with. Please supply a toilet brush. Plus, it’s pretty gross to think about housekeepers moving from room to room with a dripping toilet brush.
  9. milkMilk in a tetra pack with a straw attached. Aargh. Surely the milk is there for tea and coffee? I assume you’re not providing a box of milk for your guests to drink?  So why provide milk in a box where I need to make a hole with a pen, and squeeze the milk out? Inevitable spills, plus a planet-polluting, single-use(less) plastic straw. Fail.
  10. Speaking of saving the planet, if there’s a sign that says “Hang your towel up to reuse it, to avoid unnecessary energy use and laundry chemicals”,  I’ll do that. People who care about avoiding waste will do that. These same people will be very grumpy if the towel is replaced anyway, regardless of the guest’s wish. And what does this say about how seriously the hotel is taking environmentally friendly practices?

What are your pet peeves, and what are your ideas to help hotels provide a superior guest experience?

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