So People and Nature Prosper

The Nelson-Marlborough branch of the IoD put on a lunch seminar last week featuring Sustainable Business Network founder and CEO Rachel Brown. Like Rachel, I believe business has a responsibility and a key role to play in addressing the world's environmental and sustainability issues. I also believe business success and environmental sustainability are not totally … Continue reading So People and Nature Prosper

10 Hotel Room Facepalms

There's probably only 2 reasons to read this: (1) if you're a hotel operator, or (2) if you want to contribute to my list of hotel room annoyances. I travel a lot with work and have stayed in hundreds of hotel rooms over the last 25 years, and these are 10 things that make me … Continue reading 10 Hotel Room Facepalms

Breaking Hearts at Bragato

The NZ wine industry’s 2018 Bragato conference in Wellington at the end of August was a huge success.  There were lots of highlights, but three heartbreaking moments struck me. At the start of day 2 of the conference, Philip Gregan, CEO of New Zealand Winegrowers, played a video clip that had featured in a workshop … Continue reading Breaking Hearts at Bragato

Backyard Cricket as a Model for a Better Life

I'm not big a fan of cricket.  I'm not any type of fan of cricket.  I've enjoyed watching some games - especially watching NZ beat Australia in a thrilling Cricket World Cup match,  from a corporate box, while hosting a fun group of wine and hospitality industry professionals - but you can see why that … Continue reading Backyard Cricket as a Model for a Better Life

2 Business Challenges Inspired By My Cheese Scone

While the saying suggests a picture is worth a thousand words, for this picture I want to focus on just two.  Neither of them is cheese. Neither of them is scone. A colleague suggested we grab a quick breakfast at Brickhouse after a rushed early morning.  The cheese scone was delicious, but the butter cube, … Continue reading 2 Business Challenges Inspired By My Cheese Scone