Slow Food for the Planet

The Slow Food movement started in the 1980s in response to threats to local food cultures and traditions posed by globalization, corporatisation and industrialisation of food.

While the movement has a large emphasis on taste and culture, the centrality of food in our lives (kind of important to life!) means changes in food culture and food choices can play a huge role in changing our world.

Core to the Slow Food movement is eating locally and seasonally, maintaining and celebrating local food traditions, and the community and social aspects of growing and enjoying food together.

Eating seasonally and locally means less fuel used to ship food around the planet. As well as reducing environmental impacts, and supporting local growers and farmers (many of whom will grow organically or more sustainable), the bonus from eating locally and seasonally is fresher, tastier food, and a celebration of seasonal foods.

Yes, this all means you might not have strawberries year-round, but think about how much you enjoy the first bluffies of the year, or the first fresh scallops.

By the way, the Marlborough Farmers Market is well worth checking out if you’re visiting, and recommended for regular local, seasonal food shopping if you’re from Marlborough. It’s open from 9 till noon on Sundays at the A&P Showgrounds.

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