Staying Positive

Thinking about sustainability and making changes for a better world should be a positive thing. However I’ve had a few people recently say to me that they’ve had to take a break from their deep thinking about climate change and the environment for the sake of their own mental health. I understand what they mean. … Continue reading Staying Positive

Role for Science

There are no silver bullets to address climate change, and the damage we’re doing to the environment. It’s a total system we’re impacting and the necessary responses are equally broad. Consumers, businesses, regulators and governments all have a role to play. So does science. Picking on plastic - because that’s a favourite thing of mine … Continue reading Role for Science

Be the Change – It Matters

A major new European study reports that individuals have a major role to play in tackling climate change - as significant an impact as major corporations - but only if they can be encouraged to make significant lifestyle changes by effective government policies. Personal choices will get is so far - but government leadership will … Continue reading Be the Change – It Matters

Slow Food for the Planet

The Slow Food movement started in the 1980s in response to threats to local food cultures and traditions posed by globalization, corporatisation and industrialisation of food. While the movement has a large emphasis on taste and culture, the centrality of food in our lives (kind of important to life!) means changes in food culture and … Continue reading Slow Food for the Planet


When I saw a colourful display promoting #giveupthebottle I wasn't sure if it was a product for weaning toddlers or the tea-totalling equivalent of a quit-smoking product. Neither was of interest for me. On closer inspection, the eye-catching packaging contains hair and skin care products and the like - all in bar form and with … Continue reading #giveupthebottle

Comfortable in My Pool of Hypocrisy

I know. Having a pool is hardly illustrative of a sustainable lifestyle, right? As well as the power used for filtration, and chemical treatments, the pool does use water. And the land would have far more utility as a vegetable garden. I'm not pretending to live an exemplary lifestyle. I'm not perfect, but the choices … Continue reading Comfortable in My Pool of Hypocrisy

No Sausage

I was upset by the National Party’s video criticising the KiwiBuild initiative. As much as I think the housing crisis needs government action, I struggle to be a credible cheerleader for KiwiBuild. Still the video made me grumble. Not just because of the mansplaining, sexist approach. Nor, if you subscribe to the ‘grand unified theory … Continue reading No Sausage

Built to Fail

My wife looked at me like I was some weirdo. I’d just asked for a whisk for Christmas. To be fair, it’s not an unfamiliar look. I explained that I wanted one that wouldn't break. One that looked great. One that I would hand down as an heirloom one day. The not-unfamiliar look did not … Continue reading Built to Fail

Sustainability Opportunities Prompted By My Cocktail

Aside from a wet Christmas Day and some high winds, we've enjoyed a cracking summer in Marlborough so far. For me that's meant time around the pool with friends and family. Even though it was taken a while ago, this picture captures the flavour of recent days: enjoying the heat, kids in the pool, and … Continue reading Sustainability Opportunities Prompted By My Cocktail

Intentionally Sustainable

Whether you're looking for a new toothbrush, some of those cool reusable straws, food covers, a razor, or food wraps, check out Intentionally Sustainable. They have a great range of products to replace single-useless plastics and other plastic products. The pricing seems reasonable and the products look great - I'm going to try out the … Continue reading Intentionally Sustainable